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Release Notes

Debian Handbook

Debian Reference

Debian Installation Guide

 about-langteam (en/administrativa/administrativa.xml)
 Allows to add some info about the translator or translation team, 
 and how to contact the translator(s).
 translation-status (en/bookinfo.xml)
 Allows to add information about the status of the translation and maybe 
 to request reviews.
 gpl-unofficial (en/appendix/gpl.xml)
 *Must* be included if the GPL itself is translated; should *not* be included
 if the appendix contains the original (untranslated) English text of the GPL.
 Consists of two paragraphs of which the first *should remain in English*.
 See for additional information.
  • uji coba build
    • gunakan versi debian yang sesuai, ada placeholder yang secara otomatis akan diisi dengan nama rilis yang dipakai untuk melakukan build
    • ubah debian/langlist; tambahkan baris "id Indonesian"; untuk mempercepat proses build, jadikan komentar semua baris lain
    • paksa rebuild:
      cd build; touch lang-options/id
    • gunakan skrip; mis untuk build html:
      ./ amd64 id html
    • untuk build beberapa format sekaligus, apit format dalam kutip ganda:
      ./ amd64 id "pdf txt html"
  • urutan prioritas penerjemahan:
no modul sisa string status
1 Preface
2 Bookinfo
3 Welcome
4 Boot-Installer
5 Using-D-I
6 Installation-Howto
7 Preparing
8 Install-Methods
9 Hardware
10 Partitioning
11 Administrivia
12 Boot-New
13 Post-Install
14 Random-Bits
15 Gpl will not be translated
16 Preseed
18 Jan 2023 58 97%

Debian Installer - Installer UI

Debian Reference Card

Securing Debian Manual

bab judul sisa string status
1 Introduction 75 ongoing
2 Before you begin 46
3 Before and during installation 111
4 After installation 500
5 Securing services running in your system 305
6 Automatic hardening of Debian systems 23
7 Debian Security Infrastructure 165
8 Security tools in Debian 109
9 Developer's Best Practice for OS Security 29
10 Before the compromise 137
11 After the compromise (incident response) 27
12 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 212
99 Appendix 261
Revision History 374
18 Jan 2023 .. ..%